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Developer Ancient Walking to Primal Rhythms- A Functional Path, Continuum of Movement Program

Randy Eady

"Balance is my element.  Mobility is my passion!  
I love freedom of movement and experiencing the world from the different perspectives of a balanced center.  I explore and adventure in many border-free places.  I've learned that in the key moments of a journey you need to trust yourself.  It is
essential to know and believe what your body tells you..."

When he's not balancing a polar bear on his head (and one of his twins) on his back, he's working projects like the current effort with the Marine Hotel Association and The RLS Foundation.  
His Ancient Walking to Primal Rhythms features elements of Labyrinths, Tai Chi and a new form of rhythm movement called Ta-Ke-Ti-Na.  These processes -- when combined -- offer a movement continuum to homeopathically prevent and affect symptom relief for two growing movement disorder conditions:  Restless Leg and Mal de Disembarquement.

Intergenerational Principles/ Activities

"Increasing Physical Activity in Elder-Centric Environments" that includes the three programs and complete outcomes-exercises."

Our Intergenerational Programs

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