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About QEF Eas-i-Chi Balance Program

Four Monks: by Artist Julia Watkins

Vitality Enhancement and Energy Cultivation

The Eas-i-Chi™ health promotion revolution takes traditional Chinese medical knowledge, along with well known findings of Western Mind/Body science and economics to create a simple system for assisting individuals to maximize their health and well-being and therefore reducing the burden on the healthcare system.

Tai Chi and Qigong -- also known as vitality enhancement or energy cultivation -- have been carefully refined and improved for thousands of years. Through this we have carefully and sincerely crafted Eas-i-Chi ™ an approach to personal vitality cultivation that is readily diffusible to all populations - young, old, sick, well, rich, poor.

In the later half of this decade, the National Council on Aging, The Geriatric Research and Education Center Consortium and the National Institutes of Health became collaborators and partners in helping create an innovative approach to Qigong and Tai Chi that transcends any age group...

The Eas-i-Chi ™ Program includes All of the Four Essential Baskets (or Pillars) of Qigong Practice:

  • Body posture and movement
  • Self-applied massage with the Cobblestone Walkway Routine
  • Breath practice
  • Meditation, focus, relaxation

And gives you the following results:

  • Immediately starts to realign your body’s three balance centers
  • Detoxifies in a holistic way to improve circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Integrates and cultivates the body’s neuromuscular resources to use less energy and effort by increasing movement efficiency

For more information on this class based/interactive Eas-i-Chi Program and other QEF Balance Programs please contact us at:

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