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Bicycle Design: A Top Transportation Start-up Business Venture
Posted by on Tuesday, March 13 @ 21:04:13 EDT (6413 reads)

Anonymous writes "(By Randy T. Eady, M.Ed, USSG, President and Founder, Quest Educational Foundation
(Click here to read the full article: Bicycle Design: A Top Transportation Start-up Business Venture)

The bicycle is the world's best selling form of transport with 100 million sold each year – twice the number of cars sold - so a lucrative niche market exists for the more creative among us.  Four illustrations that expose these opportunities are the Sideways bike, the StreetSurfer, the StairCycle and the Glider Rider. "

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Posted by on Tuesday, March 13 @ 20:59:39 EDT (5295 reads)

Anonymous writes "(Click here to read the full article: HELP! I FELL AND I CAN'T AFFORD TO GET UP!)
By R. Eady, 02/2006 © The QEF (Quest Educational Foundation) 

What Comes Down and What Goes Up?
  From a pragmatic viewpoint "Fall Prevention" today is analogous to the state of the trash collection business in the early 1980's.  It touched everyone's life to one degree or another but few thought much about it. Those few, however, were visionaries that glimpsed a raising ecological concern (culminating with the toxic waste exposure in the infamous Love Canal neighborhood of Western New York), coupled with an industry skewed set of regulations and legislation that financially favored early "venturists" and investors. As much as the leaders in the waste management and disposal industry, as it is known today, recognized an economic boom would trigger consumer waste on a massive scale, the rate of the age-advanced population growth and sky rocketing medical costs are triggering a similar civic response in the later half of this decade. "

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Community The Perfect Cure for Boomeritis: Glider Rider Adult Version
Posted by on Tuesday, March 13 @ 20:52:15 EDT (3960 reads)

Anonymous writes "

(Click here to read the article: The Perfect Cure for Boomeritis: Glider Rider Adult Version )

by Randy E.


Active, aging baby boomers at risk for sports-related injuries


Sept. 27, 2006 ALBANY, N.Y. - Fifty-year-old Tom Maney has his priorities: It's family first, then baseball."It's something that I've done my whole life," he says, "and it's more than a hobby. It's really a passion for me."  A passion that has come at a cost. Between baseball and hockey, Maney has had three knee surgeries, one back surgery, 200 stitches on his mouth, one shoulder surgery and a hernia. And another operation is just around the corner.

"It's the right rotator cuff," Maney says. "I've torn that again." But Maney may suffer from something bigger — a condition one Pennsylvania doctor has seen countless times among his baby-boomer patients. He's even coined a phrase for it: "Boomeritis." "There's a mind-body mismatch," says Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, who practices sports medicine with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Philadelphia Ballet. "The mind is still young, and people think that they can still treat that body the way they did when they were 20." Right now there are 78 million boomers in America and they're joining health clubs in astonishing numbers: up 135 percent in recent years.

And that's one of the reasons that doctors say sports-related injuries are the No. 2 reason for visiting the doctor, right behind the common cold.  The total cost is more than $18 billion a year for sports-related injuries among boomers — translating into hundreds of thousands of emergency room visits in the last decade. "It's the first generation to stay active on an aging frame" says DiNubile. "We're living longer, we're pushing our bodies in ways we weren't meant to, and the breakdowns are happening all over." DiNubile tells his patients to adjust their workouts and look for low-impact, high-performance options — that let the oldest boomers stay fit, without breaking bones. 

Alternating between intense workouts and free-flowing, stretching/toning "movement enhancers" such as the innovative, pedal-free, Natural Movement Glider Rider is a sensible approach. That's worked for Andy Evian, a self-described aerobics addict with a history of knee problems.  "I'm modifying it by not jumping around," Evian says, "if I don't keep up with the person next door to me or switch to lower impact activities every other day, it's not so terrible." It's a concept Tom Maney understands, but can't seem to follow.  "I can tell him what I think, but he's going to do what he's going to do," says wife Beth Maney. 


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Glider Rider™ Press Releases GLIDER RIDERS ARE SMARTER!
Posted by on Tuesday, March 13 @ 20:50:07 EDT (4430 reads)

Anonymous writes "(Click here to read the full article: GLIDER RIDERS ARE SMARTER!) by Randy E.

(Concentrate better and learn faster!)

Has Europe found a natural remedy for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders?

DSHS, Cologne, GE, Jan 9th, 2007 (For Immediate Release) Two years ago, Time Magazine said the Glider Rider pedal-free bike concept was a "BEST IDEA OF THE YEAR. Today wee ones in Germany have graduated from "pedal-free bikes to regular bikes" and from pre-k and kindergarten to go on to much bigger things!

In Elementary schools across this European nation, researchers have found children in the two to five year old age range who learned how to balance, coordinate and operate a new kind of pedal-free, balance learning bike called the Glider Rider, show greater intellectual ability, can concentrate on tasks better and for longer periods of time.

We've all heard the kids aren't doing so swell in America. Persuasive research shows children are heavily over-medicated for attention deficits, challenges and disorders. Not in Germany. In Cologne, researchers at the German Sports University are just beginning to record the intellectual advantages bestowed on first adopters of pedal-free bikes largely introduced into the European market in 2002/03. Specifically, children who used these bikes for at least one hour a day, four-five days a week exhibit greater intellectual ability such as "on-task" concentration and hold their attention over longer spans of time. Lead researcher, Dr. Frank Sommer and his team are assessing the use of these bikes with 1,732 children. Sommer noted, "the children in the study were also able to follow directions and appeared more calm and relaxed during class time than their non-riding counterparts. Ongoing results of this study may offer clues as to why deficit and disorder conditions like ADD and ADHD have held steady at a fractional percentage level in the child population in Germany when contrasted with a steep rise in diagnosed rates in the US in the past 5 years. Initial findings from this study give supporters for the Natural Remedy for ADD and ADHD Movement in the US a boost. This philosophy, reinforced by many parents and educators, holds the notion ADD and ADHD are not diagnosable conditions, simply challenges resulting from the hectic pace and media saturation youngsters experience growing up in modern society.

Are these results a surprise? "Not really," said Richard Louv, author of the 2005 book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder. "But it's the kind of concrete example that's helpful to parents because it illustrates how much an out-of-doors, physical experience really does benefit children."

At least for pre-schoolers, it seems that an hour a day of "glider riding" may be healthier than what the doctor orders.

More information is available from the Glider Rider Division of MPS-Ready Solutions, LLC at www.gliderrider.com or by calling 866.454.3370."

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Community Feedback: Your Chance to Win A Fully-Equipped Glider Rider™
Posted by on Sunday, January 29 @ 20:36:20 EST (1709 reads)

Register Online and take one of our surveys for your chance to win a fully-equipped Glider Rider™, including brake, bell, and barpack in April.
Each time you participate in a survey you'll be given a chance to win. New survey questions are posted every few days, so check back often to increase your chance of winning!

Click here to take a Survey.

If you haven't done so already, click here to Register.

**NOTE: The Survey Block will not appear and you can not partcipate unless you are logged in.

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Training Wheels are Worthless, Weak and Evil
Posted by on Wednesday, December 07 @ 11:36:09 EST (3000 reads)

Training Wheels are Worthless, Weak and Evil
© 2005 Stephen Hauser

Training wheels are the biggest mistake I have ever seen for a kid, or anyone, to learn how to ride a bicycle. Kids do not really learn how to balance with training wheels and are scared, rightfully so, when the training wheels come off and it is the big "go or crash" moment. All that proper adjustment of the training wheels, watching the kid flop around using the training wheels, taking off the training wheels, the advice to hold the kid on the bike while running around, the inevitable thump, massive bleeding, life altering facial scars, the trip to the hospital, etc., who needs it, especially if you are old and fat like me.

Read the full article.

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Glider Rider™ Press Releases Press Releases: Glider Rider™ Participates in a Guiness Book of World Record Title Event
Posted by on Monday, October 31 @ 19:05:00 EST (4345 reads)

World Record Attempt Title A Guinness Book of World Records Balance Ride with the youngest riders to complete a half marathon on a non chain or belt, foot-propelled human powered vehicle (FP-hpv).

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Glider Rider™ Press Releases Press Releases: Glider Rider™ - The Ultimate First Bike Tackles “Training Wheel Dependency"
Posted by on Tuesday, March 29 @ 21:20:43 EST (4989 reads)

Boca Raton, Florida, March, 2005—It took nearly a hundred years but now you can throw away those training wheels! As of today, thanks to the Glider Rider™, children as young as two years old can fulfill their urge to explore with this walking bike and have their inaugural experience riding on two wheels. That is why the Glider Rider™ is the ultimate first bike.

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Glider Rider™ Press Releases Press Releases: Why the Glider Rider™ is Such a Popular New Import
Posted by on Tuesday, March 29 @ 21:13:54 EST (4146 reads)

Boca Raton , Florida, March, 2005 --- READY Solutions owners Randy and Andrea Eady are happy to tell the story of the Glider Rider’s journey across the ocean and the subsequent excitement it caused among parents and children alike.

Long before we became involved in Glider Rider™, we were happy customers ourselves. Or, to be more specific, it was our sons, Benny and Toby, who were zipping around enjoying the Glider Rider™.

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Glider Rider™ Press Releases Press Releases: The Glider Rider™ Lands in the U.S.!
Posted by on Tuesday, March 29 @ 21:10:13 EST (5598 reads)

Boca Raton , Florida, March, 2005--- READY Solutions announced today that it will make the Glider Rider™ available to the US market for the first time. The Glider Rider™ is a children’s balancing bike made in Germany with no pedals that offers extraordinary development benefits. Parents and children all over this area rave about the Glider Rider™ and first orders are now being taken for delivery in April.

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